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Black Smiley Print Socks
Black Smiley Print Socks
Black Smiley Print Socks Black Smiley Print Socks

Female Black Smiley Print Socks

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Product Code: 5074070671564 - 24AW21035001

Fabric Type: Örme
%100 Cotton

For all your domestic shopping, with Yurtiçi Cargo company all over Turkey; By choosing 'Same Day Delivery' in Istanbul, you can receive your shipment on the same day with Beyyoglu Express. All international shipments are delivered to our customers via DHL. All your purchases are delivered to the cargo company of your choice within a maximum of 2 working days. After this step, your package will reach you within 3 to 4 days, within the scope of the logistics company's own operational power. 

An invoice must be submitted for all returns and exchanges. Pursuant to the Right of Withdrawal article of the Consumer Law, you can return the product/products you have purchased within 14 days, free of charge, after completing the following steps. After you register, you will be sent the return process and return shipping information. For non-membership orders, please send an e-mail to return@beyyoglu.com. The label of the product/products must not be removed and must be tried without damaging the product. (Returns of perfume-scented, stained, torn/ripped, washed products are not accepted.)

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Bedeninizi nasıl ölçmelisiniz?
WaistThe circumference is measured 5 cm below the belly button.
LengthIt is measured from neckline to hem (length from shoulder).
ChestThe circumference of the widest part under the arm is measured.
HipThe circumference of the widest part of the hip is measured.
ShoulderThe part from the collar tip to the beginning of the sleeve is measured.
Arm lenghtThe part from the beginning of the arm to the end of the arm is measured.
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{ "type": "productViewed", "payload" : { "products": [{ "id": "24AW21035001", "sku": "5074070671564", "name": "Smiley Print Socks", "price": "109.99", "brand": "Beyyoğlu", "variant": "Black", "category": "FEMALE/Çorap", "dimension10" : "", "dimension11" : "", "dimension12": "FEMALE", "dimension13": "24AW21035001999", "dimension14": "24AW21035001 . ", "dimension15": "5074070671564", "dimension16": " 109.99 ", "dimension17": "indirimsiz" , "dimension18": "standart", "dimension19": "79", "dimension20": "Standart", "dimension30": "19574" }] } }

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