Pursuant to Constitution of Turkey, Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data, and other related legislation, we as Beyyoglu Textile Industry And Foreign Trade. Ltd. Company. (briefly Beyyoglu) have the utmost sensitivity to ensure confidentiality and security of all our customers and visitors ‘personal data.



Your personal data is processed by us with the title "Data Controller ”in accordance with the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data and the relevant legislation, and in the framework set out below and for the performance of our legal obligations.

1. Who is in charge of the security and processing of your personal data?

As Beyyoglu, we are responsible for the security of all the personal data you provide to us with the title "data controller" and in accordance with Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data.

2. For what purposes your personal data is processed?

Your personal data is primarily processed in order to fulfill the obligations that legislation provisions, particularly Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102, Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection and Tax Procedure Law No. 213, requires us.

In addition to fulfilling our legal obligations, your personal data is processed for the purpose of providing the highest level of service you demand, the availability of your profile registration in your next service request, determining the services that are suitable for you in a fast and accurate way and achieving "customer satisfaction" which is our most important principal.

Your personal data could also be processed for improving our services provided for you, announcing our products and campaigns, planning, executing and managing administration and communication activities and strategies properly, improving services offered on the website and correct the errors that occurs on the website, making contact with you when you submit your requests and complaints, managing your requests and complaints, improving the service quality, ensuring third parties to provide services in technical, logistical and etc. fields behalf of us and ensuring that your payments take place quickly and safely when necessary and etc.

3. Who Can Your Personal Data Be Transferred to and for what purposes?

Your personal data can be shared with third parties who perform our operations and solution partners, banks and technical, logistic and other transactions on our behalf in order to ensure that the services offered to you are complete and perfect, and only to the extent that it meets the grade of the service. These third parties are those who have to reach the relevant information in order to ensure the complete and perfect service of the related services.

Apart from these, your personal data could also be transferred - limited to the person or organization concerned- in cases such as; when it is obligatory to share data with other third parties to provide a complete and perfect service, when Beyyoglu have to share the data because of the legal obligations, when it is explicitly envisaged in the law or there is a judiciary/administrative order. 


Some of the personal data may be shared with advertisers only in an anonymized form, together with the data of other users, to ensure that ads can be customized to the target group.

Anonymized data is information that cannot be matched to our visitors; it does not include your credentials or does not make your identity identifiable. Your anonymity is assured in anonymous data.

4In Which Methods and Based on What Legal Purposes is Your Personal Data Collected?

Your personal data, in verbal, written or electronic environment, is collected in accordance with the purposes mentioned above to offer our services and to fulfill our contractual and legal responsibilities required particularly by Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102, Law No. 213 on Tax Procedure, Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection and Law No. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data and other obligations of legislation provisions in an complete and accurate way.

5. What Kind of Personal Data is Processed?

All kinds of personal data that you share in verbal, written, electronic environment by technical and other methods; the data that you share with directly with  us through our stores, websites and/or mobile applications, call centers and the data you share with our business and solution partners.

6. How Long is Your Personal Data Stored?

If your personal data is not envisaged for a longer period of time in the legislation, pursuant to Article 182 of the Turkish Commercial Code and Article 146 of the Turkish Code of Obligations your personal data is stored for a maximum period of 10 (ten) years.

7. What Are Your Rights On Your Personal Data?

Pursuant to the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data, related to his/her own personal data, everyone may contact to the data controller about;

a. Getting information about whether personal data is processed or not,

b. If the data has been processed, requesting information related to it,

c. Getting information about the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used appropriately,

d. Finding out the third parties in which personal data is transferred in Turkey or abroad,

e. Requesting correction of personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing,

f. Requesting the deletion or destruction of personal data within the context of conditions anticipated in Article 7,

g. Requesting notification of the third parties to whom the personal data is transferred to and the transactions made according to the (d) and (e) articles,

h. Objection to the emergence of a result against the individual that appeared by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems,

i. Requesting the recovery of the loss if the personal data is damaged due to unlawful processing of it,


To use these rights, you should fill the application form and deliver it by hand with wet signature to the address Halide Edip Adıvar Mah. Kutlubey Sok. No:29 or you can send the application form with secure electronic signature as an e-mail to the address Besides, you can also forward the application form by using the e-mail address that previously reported to us and registered in the system of Beyyoglu. In your request, you should specify the right/request with your credentials clearly and add all the information and documents and make necessary explanations related to your request.

Requests submitted to us and those with the required qualifications will be finalized within 30 (thirty) days according to the legibility of the request, and the result will be notified to you in written or electronic form in accordance with the feedback method that you have selected in your request.


Privacy and Security Policy, requests some of your personal information (name, age, interests, e-mail, etc.) in order to provide a better service to its customers. This information collected on servers is used only within in studies of customer "classification" for periodic campaign periodic campaign studies, building customer profile oriented special promotion activities and avoiding sending junk e-mail. does not share the information collected from membership forms with third parties without the notice or the opposite instruction of the member in question and it does not use or sell this information for any commercial purposes unrelated to business. analyzes the visitors' movements and preferences during the use of the website in addition to the personal information they requested in their e-mail addresses and membership forms.

These statistical data, which do not contain any personal information, can be shared with business partners in order to provide a more special and effective shopping experience to their customers.


 Customer information may only be disclosed to the public authorities when such information is requested by the official authorities and if it is obliged to make a statement to the public authorities in accordance with the provisions of the mandatory legislation in force.  Only the Customer can access all the information that the customer input in the system and only the Customer can change this information. It is not possible for someone else to reach this information and change them.  If you would like to opt out of our daily e-mail list and if you do not want to receive the messages sent to your e-mail address by at any time, please click here. By clicking this link “” you can easily opt out of e-bulletin membership with a single click.


Your credit card information requested on the payment page is not stored in servers in order to keep the security of our valuable customers at the highest level. In this way, it is ensured that all transactions for payment are made between the bank and your computer via the interface.


For any questions you can call us through "02129728410"  or send an e-mail to the address  on weekdays 09:00-12:30 / 13:30-18:30 and on Saturday 09:30 14:00.